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ZAMAMI- The sea the world falls in love with.

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Beautiful islands surrounded by the world's (Asia's) most transparent seas and leading coral reefs.
Referred to as "Kerama Blue", this is a sea that divers all over the world hope to visit someday.
In this charming location of Zamami village is a heartwarming story condensed into about 7 minutes.
A live-action animated film directed by Reiki Tsuno, who has been acclaimed at film festivals around the world, with character design by Yugo Ishikawa and animation produced by Kanra Kamei.
Join us for the world premiere screening of "Zamami - The sea the world falls in love with", a short film shot over a year highlighting the nature of Zamami Village (Island) including sea turtles and breaching humpback whales, a time lapse of the starry sky and more.

Director・Work Data

Country Japan
Year 2020
Copyright ©2021 zamami village tourism association.
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